Diamonds (sometimes called Gemstones) are the things you match in Diamond Digger Saga. They are the main item in the game. Get at least three of them together to be able to make a match, and earn some points. 

There are 5 types (colors and shapes) of gemstones.

Red Blue Purple Green Yellow
Green Gemstone
Yellow Gemstone

How do they work?Edit


You match them by clicking a group of diamonds that consists of at least three of the same color. Therefore, you get points, if you remove the ground blocks. The bigger the number of consisting diamonds is, the more points you get. Each diamond gives you 10 points.

Magic OrbEdit

By matching diamonds, you fill up your Magic Orb. The bigger the combo, the faster your Magic Orb fills up. When the Magic Orb meter's full, you can use the free booster which is shown inside the Magic Orb, typically Color Burst. After you've used it, the Magic Orb meter resets, and you can fill it up again by matching combos of diamonds.

Not full Magic Orb (Color Burst) Full Magic Orb (Color Burst) Not full Magic Orb (Line Blast) Full Magic Orb (Line Blast)
Lineblast new
Not full Magic Orb (Dynamite) Full Magic Orb (Dynamite)
Dynamite booster
Dynamite booster full

Since the release of level 111 and the eighth episode, Chase Cheese, Magic Orb's booster isn't always Color Burst - it can also be Line Blast. Which booster is inside the Magic Orb depends on the level you're playing.

Since the release of level 291 and the seventeenth episode, Magic Orb's booster can also be a dynamite.

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