Pre-release version of the game

Pre-release version of Diamond Digger

Diamond Digger Saga is a game where you make rows of diamonds, then smash them to destroy dirt. It is made by It was released on Facebook on April 25, 2014, although the official Facebook page was created on June 26, 2013, however.


For a few hours on June 10th, 2014, the Diamond Digger's Facebook Page was glitched and the "Send to Mobile" button appeared. It disappeared in the afternoon, but in the night it appeared again, but mobile version wasn't available yet.

Diamond Digger Saga on mobile (Android and iOS) has been officially released on September 3rd, 2014. It's now available both on Google Play and Apple Store.

Game information

  • There are currently 1,010 levels divided into 52 episodes.
  • The game has been finished at level 1010.
  • Updates on the mobile version follow one week later, so there currently are 990 levels in 51 episodes divided into 13 worlds. All with 4 episodes each; with a remainder two for the next world.

Gallery about mobile

There are some levels really early in the game that are really hard. Such as level 42 which makes it different from all the other Saga games.

Diamond Digger Saga Underwater 30 US TV Commercial

Diamond Digger Saga Underwater 30 US TV Commercial

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