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Stick to these rules throughout the entire FANDOM to avoid being blocked. These rules apply everywhere. Comments, articles, blogs, forums, profile pages, sandboxes, templates, and any other editable space. Bold rules are the important ones which are taken very seriously.

In some cases, anonymous users can be banned without warnings!

Rule Restrictions Examples Punishment

(1) No Swearing.

  • Mild and moderate profanities allowed.
  • Moderate profanities not to be overused. Severe profanities are forbidden.
  • S-bomb, F-bomb and C-bomb not allowed.
  • Allowed: What the hell is this crap? This is pissing me off!
  • Censored or uncensored swearing are not allowed e.g. F*** this s***ty level!
  • Ranging from a warning to 2-month ban
  • 2 month ban without warning for C-bomb. 
  • Permaban for severe and repeated instances.
  • Reputational harm to user
(2) No racism, discrimination, or insulting.
  • No Racism and discrimination to any group.
  • No generalising a certain race, country or sexual orientation.
  • No insulting conditions such as Autism or Bipolar.
  • [Insert Country] people are so weird! 
  • This level is so gay!
  • Long hair is gay!
  • This level is my n*g.
  • Warnings at first, followed by blocks.
  • Severe cases warrant instant blocks.
  • This may easily cross the line to being harassment and bullying.
  • Considerable reputational harm.
(3) No Vandalism and Spam
  • No inserting false information.
  • No inserting speculations to articles.
  • No blanking out pages or removing content.
  • Do not change other user's profile pages or sandboxes without permission.
  • No spam edits.
  • April Fool's Day is NOT a justifiable time to vandalise.
  • No troll-voting on polls.
  • No adding comments onto mainspace. It could be better to be done on the comments section instead.
  • No making unnecessary edits or articles, in the instances of making episode and level pages without a proof. It will count as spam, and it is applied for all users.
  • No adding false info into level and episode pages without showing a proof that it is available on any of the files or sources. This is considered as spam and applies to all users, no matter it is an admin or not.
  • No adding duplicate links to articles. This includes the templates used in the article and applies to all users, even for admins.
  • No adding manually categories to articles (exception: elements). This includes the templates used in the article and applies to all users, even for admins.
  • No leaking a level's info that it is the last one found in that day
  • Editing your unofficial speculations into an unreleased episode page.
  • Removing all the contents of a page or certain parts for no apparent reason.
  • Blanking out another user's profile page or adding abusive messages.
  • Adding curse words to pages.
  • Making spam articles and edits.
  • Voting "Very easy" on a difficulty poll for a level that clearly isn't Very easy.
  • Adding "Very Easy, 3 stars, CB used with 150,000 points" onto articlespace
  • Making an edit that is unnecessary.
  • Making a page called "Episode 200" if the information of this episode is not on any of the files or sources.
  • Making a page called "Level 2526" if the information is not on any of the files or sources.
  • Adding contents to a page called Level 2599 that it is a firefly level
  • Leaking the last level that it is found as of 17 May 2017
  • Adding the same link found in the infobox in the article info too
  • Your edits will be reverted and your comment may be added by an admin onto article comments.
  • Almost always an instant block, ranging from at least a day. 
  • For unnecessary edits, warnings for the first offense, followed by possible blocks for a minimum of three days based on intensity.
  • Permablocks will be given if vandalism is severe and repeated.
  • Severe reputational harm.
(4) No Asking For Ranks.
  • Do not ask for ranks that is not fulfilling the procedures mentioned here for administrators.
  • Repeated cases will count as spam.
  • "Can I PLEASE be a rollback!? I have 800 edits!"
  • Asking does more bad than good. This is a sign of immaturity.
  • Possible reputational harm.
(5) No Extreme Content.
  • No rude, gory, pornographic or extreme videos, images or links.
  • No inappropriate profile pictures.
  • Posting a link to a pornographic website.
  • Profile picture or posted images involving genitalia.
  • Posting videos or images that contain uncensored swearing or rude content.
  • Posting gruesome images or videos. 
  • Warnings for milder content.
  • Warning to remove content within 30 minutes.
  • Failure will result in a day block to months depending on severity.
  • Reputational harm.
(6) No Rudeness or Slandering.
  • No swearing at other users.
  • No insults or name calling.
  • No threatening other users.
  • No spreading untrue rumours about other users/slandering.
  • No rude jokes against anyone, even if intended as a joke.
  • Saying "Just Kidding" or "No offense" doesn't make it not rude and punishment will still happen.
  • Don't abuse friends lists on your profile page.
  • Enemy lists are banned.
  • "Revert my edit or I will kill you slowly and painfully!"
  • "No one likes you. Go kill yourself and hopefully then rot in hell. It would improve the world. Loljk". 
  • "F*** you all!"
  • "[User] has sockpuppet accounts and is out to vandalise this wikia!" (with no proof).
  • Backchatting a user.
  • "You are a nub".
  • Putting someone onto your "Enemies" list to spite them or ruin their reputation.
  • Adding a section on your profile where you rate users out of 100.
  • Insults will result in a warning or a block of varying length based on severity.
  • Slandering is more serious and will result in a minimum of a 3-day block.
  • This may easily become harassment and bullying.
  • Reputational harm.
  • Severe, repeated events could eventually lead to permablock to protect the wellbeing of others.
(7) No Harassment and Cyberbullying
  • No personal threats.
  • No cyberdating or bullying.
  • No asking inappropriate, intimate questions.
  • Asking personal information repeatedly.
  • "If you don't revert my edit I will come round your house tonight and murder your family!"
  • "Want to cyberdate me?"
  • Replying with offensive messages to a user's every action or comment.
  • Stalking a user.
  • Spamming chat PM whenever the user is online.
  • All harassment and cyberbullying is delt with very seriously.
  • Long blocks (months/years) for severe cases.
  • Instant blocks for even mild cases.
  • Permablocks if repeated/severe.
  • Severe reputational harm.
(8) Don't Visit The Wikia If On Drugs.
  • Stay off the wikia if under the influence of any drug.
  • If on Cannabis, Meth, Ecstasy, LSD or any other illegal drug.
  • No visiting if legally drunk.
  • N/A
  • Severe reputational harm.
  • Can result in a block if explicitly shown.
(9) No Personal Information.
  • No distributing any personal information that you accidentally discovered.
  • No harassing users into handing out personal information.
  • Asking someone what their age or real name is fine, but if they don't want to tell you, do not force them.
  • You accidentally stumble upon a user's Facebook and distribute it to others.
  • For mild and trivial information, a warning for the first case.
  • Severe actions including long blocks and even permablocks in repeated cases, or if the information is confidential or sensitive.
  • Severe reputational harm.
(10) No Edit Wars.
  • Don't revert an edit unless it is vandalism or revert valid edits.
  • Don't abuse rollback or admin rights.
  • More than 3 of the same revert in a day is considered an edit war.
  • Reverting a difficulty change countless times because you disagree with the change.
  • A warning to both contributors.
  • A block if continued.
  • Demotion if rank powers are abused, with severe reputational harm.
(11) No Spamming.
  • This is often a form of vandalism.
  • Don't make spam edits with the sole intent of increasing edit count or getting badges.
  • No spamming or flooding the chat. It counts as flood if you fill the chat page.
  • No making spam articles, forum threads or blog posts.
  • No spamming in article or blog post comments.
  • No excessive use of caps.
  • Complaining about levels or it's difficulty in other's message wall. You'd better write in comments or forum. Message wall is the place for a little conversation.
  • Asking about level code of a level in other's message wall. You'd better write a blog post about it. Message wall is the place for a little conversation.
  • Making an article called "guwregher" and the content being "ghirehfurheuuhe".
  • "THIS LEVEL SHOULD BE INSANELY HARD" on 27 separate comments.
  • Making many comments, threads and chat messages that just contain "hfeuiwh".
  • "Watch my video!!" posted on 71 different comments/threads.
  • Adding 3 characters at a time to a page over and over again to increase badge count.
  • "Buffed version should be insanely hard." in message wall.
  • "Can you give me the code of the prebuff version of level 2000?" in message wall
  • Your threads or comments will be deleted.
  • Warning in most cases.
  • Kick on chat if continued.
  • Block for up to 2 weeks if continued.
  • Permablock in the case of severe, offensive, continued spam.
  • Mild to severe reputational harm.
(12) Behave in Chat. (these also apply to other areas).
  • No discussing topics that frequently start dramas, such as Religion, Politics, International Conflicts, Wars, Beliefs etc.
  • Don't ridicule someone else for their beliefs.
  • Adult topics such as Suicide, Drugs and Murder are allowed, but shouldn't be too graphic or overused.
  • Absolutely no talk about sex, rape, body parts etc.
  • Daring games are allowed but if someone clearly doesn't want to carry out the dare, don't harass them to.
  • "Do you think there is an afterlife?" 
  • "There is no God!"
  • "We totally owned your country in (this) war!"
  • Not Allowed: "So this murderer gouged out the eyes of all its 300 victims and you could see the blood-filled sockets"
  • "You actually believe that? Wake up!"
  • "(this) country will SO start World War III!"
  • "Screw Capitalism!"
  • This can often violate other rules.
  • Usually a warning not to discuss the topics or give too much information.
  • Kicks/blocks if continued.
  • Permablocks if continual offensive and deliberate remarks are said in these topics. Long blocks for first time.
  • Possible reputational harm.
(13) No Sockpuppet Accounts.
  • No abusing multiple accounts to get around a block, chat ban, or any other punishment, aka sockpuppeting.
  • This includes using IP addresses.
  • Using a "fake" account to get on chat after being banned.
  • The sockpuppet account will be permabanned instantly.
  • Original punishment time extended.
  • Severe reputational harm.
(14) No Hacking!
  • Do not hack other users.
  • Do not hack yourself ranks.
  • Do not hack yourself badges.
  • Do not hack yourself out of a block or ban.
  • Do not hack anything that is hackable.
  • We do not interfere if you hack the game.
  • Hacking another user's Facebook or Wikia profile.
  • Hacking to get admin.
  • Hacking to get around a punishment.
  • Hacking the main page or any other page.
  • For any offense at all, instant permablock without warning, NO EXCEPTIONS.
(15) No Advertising.
  • This may be a form of spam.
  • No advertising any other wikias.
  • Don't spam advertisements.
  • No promotional content.
  • No advertising of a product, entity etc.
  • "Check out my wikia! -insert wikia link here-"
  • Allowed: "Check out my YouTube"
  • Not Allowed: "Check out my YouTube" x25.
  • Warnings, followed by more severe punishment if the situation demands it.
  • Reputational harm.
  • May end up in ban if continued.
(16) No Fanon.
  • Please do not post fan-fiction of any sort. This is not a fanon wiki.
  • Fan-fiction includes:
    • Inserting false information
    • Making up levels/elements/characters/events/etc.
    • Posting possible future levels, elements, characters, events, etc. without any resources
  • All information that is not canon.
  • Warnings, followed by more severe punishment if the situation demands it.
  • Reputational harm.
  • May end up in ban if continued.
(A1) No Rank Abuse!
  • No banning/blocking/kicking people for no reason. This includes for fun.
  • No demoting other users due to a personal dislike.
  • Excuses for rank abuse will not be accepted.
  • No threatening to demote/abuse.
  • No banning/kicking/blocking to spite or get back at another user.
  • Kicking/banning/blocking someone with these excuses: "I was testing", "We agreed on it", etc.
  • Demoting someone from chat mod to no rank because you happen to dislike them.
  • Banning someone from chat because they banned you validly.
  • Mild cases will result in a warning. Repeated mild causes (as few as 2) can result in demotion.
  • Can lead to both demotion and long block in severe cases, even permablock.
  • Severe reputational harm, especially when you are in a position of privilege.
  • It will take an extremely long time to get the rank back, maybe even forever.
  • Excuses dig yourself deeper.
(A2) No Suppression!
  • This is actually a form of admin abuse, but is so severe it has its own box.
  • Absolutely no using admin powers to suppress other people's opinions.
  • Locking pages, deleting comments, or anything of the sort, because they have a different opinion to you.
  • This highly abusive action could result in an immediate demotion.
  • Severe action including a long block will be issued.
  • You may never regain these privileges when you have been found of suppression.


  • What do I do if a user is bullying me off this site? If a user is HARRASSING you off DDSW, then you can whistleblow.
  • Will these rules change? These rules are liable to change at any given time without warning.
  • Will rule breakers always be caught? If you get away with breaking a rule on the night, don't think you're out of the woods. There are hundreds of users here. The likelihood is that someone will eventually find it and report it to an admin. In this case, it's not if you get punished, but when. It can even be months after the offense.
  • Someone broke a rule and no one did anything! If this is the case, likely the admins overlooked it. Bring it to the admin's attention and report it.
  • I broke a rule and got blocked. Are the admins going to hold a grudge on me? They shouldn't. Once the block is done, the user is forgiven. But they might keep a close eye on you.
  • Can people get permanently blocked? Yes. We only dish these out to users who are truly detrimental to this community, and are very rarely given to active users.
  • What happens if I receive lots of chat bans? After your fourth chat ban, you will start receiving full blocks, and eventually risk permanent ban from chat.
  • I am less than 13, are you going to block me? No admin on this community should, but the Fandom Staff might block/disable you if one of them find out your age is not enough to 13.
  • Do these rules apply to other game related communities? No. Different wikis, different set of rules. You'll have to read their rules.
  • I hacked levels in the Diamond Digger Saga game, but not the community itself. Will I get permablocked? No, hacking the game itself is not an offense, although people might disapprove of your style and you may get frowned upon.
  • An admin is abusing his/her powers? What should I do? Report it to local bureaucrats. Here is the list of local bureaucrats: User:Fred4711, User:DoCheonGong
  • I am new and worried I will accidentally do something to get permanently blocked so I don't want to edit! Don't worry! We can leave a message on your message wall so that you won't get blocked easily and have a chance to improve yourself and avoid making the same mistakes again. If you have contributed a lot, you may have lower chance to be blocked. But, we are sure that if you have violated the rules mentioned on that page, you won't get permanently blocked easily, yet we still do not encourage you to commit the offence.

Note: This does not apply if you signed up specifically to break the rules as flagrant as possible.

FAQ Concerning Adminship

  • How do I become an administrator? Please refer to here for more details on how to apply for an administrators on this wiki. We, bureaucrats, do not promote users who have not undergone through the process of being an administrator.
  • How long does it take to become an admin? You must contribute on this wiki for at least 4 months, having productive edits, and have at least a few edits on main namespace in order to be eligible to be a candidate of being an administrator here.
  • Do you need a certain number of edits? Generally yes, but the edit count is not considered as a factor of being an administrator
  • Do you have to be a certain age for admin? According to Wikia's Terms of Service, a registered user must be at least aged 13 or above.
  • Can I still be admin after getting blocked? Yes, but more than 2 blocks in history will require permission from the three bureaucrats for you to become an eligible candidate of being an administrator here.
  • I want to be a good active user but I don't want to become admin! What can I do? We will not promote users who have not undergone the process of being an administrator.
  • How active do I have to be after I've been made admin? Reasonably. Block detrimental users and make people feel they can turn to you. Currently, less than 20 contributions in 6 months, 5 contributions in 3 months or no contributions for 1 month will violate the inactivity policy and you will automatically lose admin.
  • How are admins created and how often? Every single bit of detail is found on this page.

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