Gold bars

Gold bar is an element of Diamond Digger Saga.

Items that use gold barsEdit

Diggy coinsEdit

The gold bars have been removed in mobile version since 23rd August 2017 and replaced by Diggy coins.

"Welcome to the new Diggy Coins!
Diggy Coins replace Gold Bars."

1 gold bar = 10 diggy coins

How to get gold coins:Edit

Since December 20, 2017 when the 74th episode was released, you could get one coin when you reach one star, two more coins when you reach two stars, and four additional coins when you reach three stars on a level.

However, diggy coins were removed on 23rd May 2018 and gold bars returned at the date.

"We noticed you didn't like Diggy Coins and have reverted back to Gold Bars.
You didn't lose anything!"

In web versionEdit

The gold bar is still present in this version.

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