Level Past Versions

First version (2016-08-09 — 2018-11-06) Edit

Level 1006
Episode Disco Circo
Level type 27px-Moves levels
Moves 29
Blocks Ninja  Gold-Striped Block
Other features LockKey  Rocket left  Rocket  Mysteryegg
Hard Level Diggy
Magic Orb Dynamite booster full (100 gems)
Target score 60,000 points
Difficulty Easy
Depths 1 (Treasure room: 1A)
Boards 3
  • There were 29 moves.

Stars Edit

Points 60,000 62,000 64,000
Difficulty Easy Somewhat Easy Medium

Element notes Edit

Outcomes of Mystery Eggs Edit

1st and 2nd boards:

Outcomes Probability
+2,000 points 100%

Walkthrough Edit

Diamond Digger Saga Level 1006

Diamond Digger Saga Level 1006

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