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First version (2017-01-12 — 2017-1x-xx) Edit

Level 1104
Episode Misty Mill
Level type 27px-Moves levels
Moves 25
Blocks Broken Stone Block  Purple Block  Diggy 4  Diggy 1
Stonemakericon  Gold-striped broken stone
Other features Mysteryegg
Magic Orb Magicorbcolorburstnew (100 gems)
Target score 49,000 points
Difficulty Intense
Depths 5 (Treasure room: 5)
Boards 5
  • There were 25 moves.

Stars Edit

Points 49,000 52,000 54,000
Difficulty Intense Intense Nearly Impossible

Old strategy Edit

  • General: Do not waste moves on your way to the 4th board. This is where you score most points.
  • 1st board: Bring down Mystery eggs where possible with a single match. They contain more points than the rest of the board! Otherwise just exit quickly. 2,500 points in gold-striped blocks.
  • 2nd board: Trigger all stone maker blocks early. Then it's just the same... Focus on one side to exit - if you can! 8,400 points in gold-striped blocks.
  • 3rd board: Break the Diggy Block (5 matches - 7,000 points) to exit... Still almost no points in the board!!!
  • 4th board: Clear the bottom row. The first board to score a lot - 36,000 points in Diggy blocks - try to get them all before exiting!
  • 5th board: Treasure room with three colors :-( You must have a couple of moves left to finish.

Element notes Edit

Mystery Eggs Edit

1st to 3rd boards Edit
Outcomes Probability
+2,000 points 100%

Walkthrough Edit

Diamond Digger Saga Level 1104 - NO BOOSTERS

Diamond Digger Saga Level 1104 - NO BOOSTERS

1st version

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