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First version (2017-03-16 — 2018-10-23) Edit

Level 1157

Level1157 depth1

Level1157 depth1R

Level1157 depth1A

Level1157 depth2

Episode Octo Park
Level type 27px-Moves levels
Moves 26
Blocks Diggy 5  Diggy 4  Diggy 2
Other features LockColor  Mysteryegg
Magic Orb Magicorbcolorburstnew (100 gems)
Target score 100,000 points
Difficulty Medium
Depths 2 (Treasure room: 2)
Boards 4
  • There were 26 moves.

Stars Edit

Points 100,000 104,000 109,000
Difficulty Medium Somewhat Hard Hard

Strategy Edit

  • 1st board: Bring down Mystery Eggs to help exiting quickly. Save the Magic Orb.
  • 2nd board: Use it on red, then recharge the Magic Orb and exit. 52,000 points in Diggy blocks.
  • 3rd board: Use the Magic Orb on blue, then make large matches with green. 24,000 points in Diggy blocks.
  • 4th board: Small treasure room with two colors.

Map Edit

1 1R 1A

Element notes Edit

Outcomes of Mystery Eggs Edit

First board Edit
Columns Outcomes Probability
2nd, 8th +2,000 points 100%
3rd, 7th +33% Magic Orb meter 100%

Special items Edit

First board Edit

All mystery eggs are fixed layout.

Color lock Edit

Boards Gems amount
1 25 (Pink)
1A 75 (Green)

Walkthrough Edit

Diamond Digger Saga Level 1157 NO BOOSTERS A S GAMING

Diamond Digger Saga Level 1157 NO BOOSTERS A S GAMING

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