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Level 160

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[[File:Level160_depth2_left1.jpg [image4=Level160_depth3_left1.jpg|275px]]

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Episode Unknown
Level type 27px-Totems levels.png
Moves 35
Blocks None
Other features None
Magic Orb Unknown
Target score 1,000 points
Difficulty Considerably hard
Depths Unknown
Boards Unknown
Previous Current Next
27px-Fireflies levels.png 27px-Totems levels.png 27px-Fireflies levels.png
Level 159 Level 161

Level 160 is the tenth level in Freeze Frenzy.To pass this level, you must bring down 8 totems and reach 1,000 points in 35 moves or fewer.



  • 1 Star:1,000 points
  • 2 Stars:
  • 3 Stars:


  • First board: Destroy Ninja blocks as soon as possible and get those totems to the bottom as well. 
  • Second board: For the left side, just destroy the Ninja blocks, most importantly the center one. For the right side, if you have a combo above the Ninja blocks, match it. Bring the water to the exit. 
  • Third board: Simply go up, left, down and bring the water to the exit. 
  • Fourth board: Use Line Blast on the top right corner and progress immediately or if you have a good combo on the narrow path on the top, do it manually. 
  • Fifth board: Same strategy as the first board. 
  • Sixth board: Just destroy one column of Ninja blocks (you can leave one) and at least one Ninja block on the other totem column. Then fill up your Magic Orb and use Line Blast to pass the level. 


This level has 2 depths and 3 boards.



Diamond Digger Saga Level 160