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Level Past Versions
Level 1672
Episode Episode 97
Level type 27px-Moves levels.png
Moves 34
Blocks Frozen Block (1).png  Ice Maker Block.PNG  Lava bee.png  Gold-Striped Block.png
Other features None
Magic Orb Lineblast new.png (100 gems)
Target score 142,000 points
Difficulty Undetermined
Depths 1 (Treasure room: 1X)
Boards 3
Previous Current Next
27px-Fireflies levels.png 27px-Moves levels.png 27px-Totems levels.png
Level 1671 Level 1673

Level 1672 is the second level in Episode 97 and the 399th score level in Diamond Digger Saga. To pass this level, you must score at least 142,000 points in 34 moves or fewer.


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Points 142,000 148,000 152,000
Difficulty Undetermined Undetermined Undetermined


  • 1st board: 70,000 points in gold-striped blocks.
  • 2nd board: 50,200 points in gold-striped blocks.
  • 3rd board: H-shaped treasure room with three colors.

Element notes

Color gems


Columns Item Spawn rate
All Blue gems 80% (Manual)
Red gems 20%

Second board

Columns Item Spawn rate
All Blue gems 50%
Red gems 50%

Special items

Second board

Columns Item Spawn rate
All Frozen block 10%



Diamond Digger Saga Level 1672 - NO BOOSTERS SKILLGAMING ✔️

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