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[[Category:Toys 'R' Joy Levels]]
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[[Category:1-Depth Levels]]
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Level Past Versions
Level 200
Episode Toys 'R' Joy
Level type 27px-Moves levels.png
Moves 18
Blocks Diggy 5.png
Other features None
Magic Orb Unknown
Target score 55,000 points
Difficulty Undetermined
Depths 1
Boards 2
Previous Current Next
27px-Toys levels.png 27px-Moves levels.png 27px-Toys levels.png
Level 199 Level 201

Level 200 is the tenth level in Toys 'R' Joy. You must score at least 55,000 points in 18 moves or fewer to pass this level.


  • Target score is pretty high.
  • There are just 18 moves.


Points 55,000 points Unknown Unknown
Difficulty Unknown Unknown Unknown


  • First board: Break through as soon as you can. If get the opportunity to do so, use Color burst here. Your main goal is to get to the Treasure Room as fast as possible. 
  • Second board: Match combos with 'big' diamonds, use Color Burst when you charge it up, and you'll likely to pass the level, if you have enough moves left. 


  • There's nothing special about this level.