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Level 217

Level217 depth1

Level217 depth2

Level217 depth3

Episode Beetroot Valley
Level type 27px-Toys levels
Toys 70 (Total: 90)
Moves 35
Blocks Watertoyblock  Stonemakericon
Other features None
Magic Orb Unknown
Target score 1,000 points
Difficulty Medium
Depths 3
Boards 3
Previous Current Next
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Level 216 Level 218

Level 217 is the seventh level in Beetroot Valley. You must collect 70 toys and score at least 1,000 points in 35 moves or fewer to pass this level.


  • Number of toys needed is high, but it's not that hard to collect it, as there are a lot of water toy blocks.


Points 1,000 Unknown Unknown
Difficulty Medium Unknown Unknown


  • Destroy water toy blocks and collect some toys. Third board is especially fun. Get there so that you can collect a lot of toys.
  • Tip for the last board:Let the water to the bottom side as well, so that the toys, once released, would be collected automatically.



Diamond Digger Saga Level 217

Diamond Digger Saga Level 217

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