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First version (2014-04-25 — 2014-xx-xx) Edit

Level 24

Level24 depth1

Level24 depth2

Level24 depth3

Episode Amber Alley
Level type 27px-Toys levels
Toys 30 (Total: 40)
Moves 22
Blocks Steel block  Gold-Striped Block  Blue Ground Block
Other features LockKey  Rocket left  Rocket
Magic Orb Magicorbcolorburstnew (100 gems)
Target score 2,000 points
Difficulty Easy
Depths 3
Boards 3

Just like the previous levels, the 3rd depth is filled with more toys later on. Originally, there were only 22 toys in the last depth.

Stars Edit

Points 2,000 6,000 12,000
Difficulty Very Easy Very Easy Easy

Walkthrough Edit

Ddsw ep24

Ddsw ep24

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