Level 24

Level24 depth1

Level24 depth2

Level24 depth3

Episode Unknown
Level type 27px-Toys levels
Toys 30 (Total: 40)
Moves 33
Blocks None
Other features None
Magic Orb Unknown
Target score 2,000 points
Difficulty Undetermined
Depths Unknown
Boards Unknown
Previous Current Next
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Level 23 Level 25

  • Level 24 _depth 1
  • Level 24 _depth 2
  • Level 24 _ depth 3

Level 24 is the fourteenth episode in World 2 and the sixth Toys level in Diamond Digger Saga. To pass this level,you must collect 30 toys and reach 2,000 points in 33 moves



1 Star: 2,000 points

2 Stars

3 Stars



This leval has three depths.


Ddsw ep24

Ddsw ep24

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