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Level 290

Level290 depth1

Level290 depth1L

Level290 depth2

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Level290 depth4

- All boards on the same depth are the same.
- There are exits to deeper depths on second and third left/right boards on a certain board, counting after main room.
Episode Egg Dales
Level type 27px-Moves levels
Moves 35
Blocks Diggy 5  Stonemakericon  Bee Bomb
Other features None
Magic Orb Unknown
Target score 685,000 points
Difficulty Considerably hard
Depths 4
Boards 28 (?)
Previous Current Next
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Level 289 Level 291

Level 290 is the twentieth and last level in Egg Dales. To pass this level, you must score at least 685,000 points in 35 moves or fewer.


  • Target score is stunningly high. Despite a lot of diggy blocks, a lot of gold-striped blocks with treasure, two-colored Treasure Rooms and 35 moves to start with, it's definitely not easy to reach the figure of 685,000 points!


Points 685,000 Unknown Unknown
Difficulty Con. Hard Unknown Unknown



  • This is the level with the highest target score.
  • This is the last level to date.


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