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|totems = 5
|totems = 5
|score = 1,000 points
|score = 1,000 points
|difficulty = Considerably Hard
|difficulty = Considerably hard
|prev = 323
|prev = 323
|next = 325
|next = 325
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[[Category:Totems Levels]]
[[Category:Totems levels]]
[[Category:Just Released Content]]
[[Category:Just Released Content]]
[[Category:Info missing]]
[[Category:Info missing]]

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Level Past Versions
Level 324

Level324 depth1

Level324 depth2

Level324 depth3

Episode Episode 18
Level type 27px-Totems levels
Totems 5
Moves 18
Blocks Thin Porous Block  Stonemakericon
Other features None
Magic Orb Unknown
Target score 1,000 points
Difficulty Considerably hard
Depths 3
Boards 3
Previous Current Next
27px-Moves levels 27px-Totems levels 27px-Toys levels
Level 323 Level 325

Level 324 is the fourteenth level in Episode 18. To pass this level, you must bring down 5 totems and score at least 1,000 points in 18 moves or fewer.


  • There are a lot of thick porous blocks.


Points 1,000 Unknown Unknown
Difficulty Con. Hard Unknown Unknown


  • First board: Firstly, destroy the stone maker blocks. Secondly, destroy the thick porous blocks, especially the ones near the totem columns and the ones near the center column. Bring down the totems by matching big combos, and proceed as soon as you can. Save the Line Blast for the next board.
  • Second board: You need some luck here. Clear you way to the exit, ignoring the totems. Do it in a move or two - if you get stuck, better try again. Then use your Line Blast on the very bottom of the left totem column.
  • Third board: Destroy one or two stone maker blocks. Then pray for some matches at the bottom - just destroy the porous blocks. Easier said than done, even with just two colors, but we wish you good luck!



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