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First version (2016-04-07 — 2016-05/06) Edit

Level 957

Level957 depth1

Level957 depth2

Level957 depth2L

Level957 depth2X

Episode Zen Garden
Level type 27px-Moves levels
Moves 23
Blocks Diggy 5  Diggy 4  Stonemakericon  Bee Bomb
Gold-Striped Block
Other features None
Magic Orb Dynamite booster full (60 gems)
Target score 120,000 points
Difficulty Medium
Depths 2 (Treasure room: 2X)
Boards 4
  • There were 23 moves.
  • This level were not classified as "Hard level".
  • The tile (3,4) were a Mud Bee bomb.

Stars Edit

Points 120,000 140,000 150,000
Difficulty Medium Very Hard Intense

Map Edit

2X 2L 2

Element notes Edit

Color gems Edit

First and fourth boards Edit
Columns Item Spawn rate
All Pink gems 50%
Red gems 50%
Second board Edit
Columns Item Spawn rate
2nd ~ 5th, 8th ~ 9th Blue gems 25%
Green gems 25%
Yellow gems 50% (Manual)
1st, 6th ~ 7th Blue gems 33%
Green gems 33%
Yellow gems 34%

Walkthrough Edit

Diamond Digger Saga Level 957

Diamond Digger Saga Level 957

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