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First version (2016-06-16 — 2017-06-0x) Edit

Level 972

Level972 depth1

Level972 depth2

Episode Siesta Party
Level type 27px-Toys levels
Toys 53 (Total: 54 - 44/10)
Moves 32
Blocks Lava  Watertoyblock  Blue Lava Block new
Other features LockColor
Magic Orb Dynamite booster full (80 gems)
Target score 1,000 points
Difficulty Very Hard
Depths 1
Boards 2
  • There were 32 moves.
  • Both boards were different:
    • In the first board there were additional toys in lava on the left and right border in the third row from bottom.
    • In the second board the lava block were in different locations.

Difficulty Edit

  • You may miss only a single toy.

Stars Edit

Points 1,000 1,500 2,000
Difficulty Very Easy Very Hard Intense

Strategy Edit

  • 1st board: Use the Magic Orb first on the bottom left (stupid design will not let you clear the leftmost block in the third row from the bottom!), then when 44 toys are collected use a Color Burst booster to open the color-bond lock, and save the Magic Orb. (Three toys per water toy block.)
  • 2nd board: Bring water to the lava in the center immediately (that's why you must save the Magic Orb, cause you will never ever have matches to do that otherwise). Use the Magic Orb to break a water toy block - usually the bottom one as there will be no usable matches soon. (Five toys per water toy block.)

Walkthrough Edit

Diamond Digger Saga Level 972

Diamond Digger Saga Level 972

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