Level Past Versions

First version (2016-06-06 — 2016-10-0x) Edit

Level 980
Episode Siesta Party
Level type 27px-Toys levels
Toys 62 (Total: 62 - 17/20/25)
Moves 35
Blocks Watertoyblock  Steel block  Blue Ground Block
Other features Hard Level Diggy
Magic Orb Lineblast new (80 gems)
Target score 750 points
Difficulty Nearly Impossible
Depths 2
Boards 3
  • Toys were located at left and right side and there were one water toy block in the first board.
  • There were 2 more toys in the second board.
  • There were one more water toy block in the third board.
  • There were 35 moves.
  • 80 gems were needed to fill the magic orb.

Stars Edit

Points 750 1,500 2,000
Difficulty Very Easy Easy Intense

Walkthrough Edit

Diamond Digger Saga Level 980

Diamond Digger Saga Level 980

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