Level Past Versions
Level D (Treasure Mine)

TM D depth 1

TM D depth 1L

TM D depth 1X

TM D depth 1Y

TM D depth 1Z

TM D depth 2Z

TM D depth 2Y

TM D depth 2X

TM D depth 2L

TM D depth 2

TM D depth 3

TM D depth 3L

TM D depth 3X

TM D depth 3Y

TM D depth 3Z

Moves N/A
Blocks Frozen Block (1)  Purple Block  Lava  Steel block
Lava bee
Other features None
Magic Orb Unknown
Target score N/A points
Difficulty Undetermined
Depths 3
Boards 15
Previous Current Next
Level C Level D TBA

Level D was one of the possible levels to appear in the Treasure Mine.


Possible RequirementsEdit

150 blue gems, 120 yellow gems, 100 purple gems




1Z 1Y 1X 1L 1
2Z 2Y 2X 2L 2
3Z 3Y 3X 3L 3


Treasure mine 2 - Diamond Digger Saga

Treasure mine 2 - Diamond Digger Saga

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