Locks are special items in Diamond Digger SagaThey are positioned on a board's exit, and they prevent the flow of water. Due to that fact, even if you bring water to a board's exit, you need to unlock the lock first in order to progress through the level.

There are three types of locks:

  • Padlock
  • Colorbond lock
  • Totem lock






First appearance: Level 23 (Amber Alley)

Padlocks are relatively frequent locks in the game. They're golden, and they don't have any count on them. You unlock them by bringing the flow of water to all of the keys that are on that board.

Colorbond lockEdit


Colorbond lock

First appearance: Level 56 (Turquoise Meringue)

Colorbond locks also appear occasionally in the game. They can be any diamond color: red, blue, purple, green or yellow. You unlock them by matching the diamonds of the required color. The count on colorbond locks represents how many diamonds of that color you have to match to release the lock.

Totem lockEdit


Totem lock

First appearance: Level 71 (Totem Terrace)

Totem locks appear only on totem levels. They're positioned on the exit of each board which has at least one totem on it. Their color is gray, and they don't have any count on them. You unlock them by bringing down all the totems to their bases on the board you're playing.

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