Diamond Digger Saga has currently 9 pieces. These pieces play at various times during the game, such as level-type-specific tracks, level selecting etc. Level-type-specific tracks play on a 15-20 second loop with the sound on, whereas other tracks, such as level failed, will play once.

List of MusicsEdit

In-levels musicsEdit

Toy level music
M ingame loop collect
Firefly level music
M ingame loop rescue
Score level music
M ingame loop score
Totem level music
M ingame loop totem
Treasure Mine music (Unused nowadays)
M ingame loop time

Outro levels musicsEdit

Level Completed music (part 1)
M level complete BGM
Level Completed music (part 2)
M level completed
Level Failed music
M level failed

Others musicsEdit

In-map music
M saga map
Super Diamond music
Sfx super star starmode
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