Score (or Points) is the fundamental element in Diamond Digger Saga. It's a stat that's calculated during and after completing a level. Every level has a score requirement to pass. Stars are obtained based on the score you have at the end of a level. Score requirement for 1 star is needed as a minimum to pass the level.

However, score levels are the only type of levels having only the score requirement. All types of levels have a score requirement, but different types of levels have different, additional tasks for a player:

  • Firefly levels require a certain amount of fireflies to be awoken.
  • Toy levels require a certain amount of toys to be collected.
  • Totem levels require a certain amount of totems to be brought down to their bases.

Elements' Attributed Points Edit

Element Description Points Picture
Diamonds without water Diamonds that are placed on nothing don't earn you any points when destroyed 0 Nonepoints
Diamonds with water Diamonds destroyed on water don't earn you any points 0 Waterpoints
Ground block
Broken stone
For every destroyed block you get points. Points earned depend on the current depth. 10 x depth, per block
Example: On depth 1, you earn 10 points per block. On depth 2, 20 points, on depth 3 30 and so on. After depth 3 it was every 5 points per block (35 on depth 4)
Mud block
Frozen block
Lava block
Frozen ninja
Water toy block
These blocks don't earn you any points when destroyed 0
(if a toy is in the ground block, you will earn 10 points x depth)
Purple block Purple blocks can't be destroyed, so they earn no points 0 Pointspurpleblock
Diggy block (1st to 4th phase) These types of diggy blocks earn 1,000 points per hit 1,000 per hit Pointsdiggy1
Diggy block (5th phase) This type of diggy blocks earn 3,000 points when destroyed 3,000 Diggy 5
Gold-striped block (Coin) Gold-striped blocks behave like ground blocks, but they earn you additional points. The deeper the depth, the more additional points you get. 10 x depth, per block
100 per block
Gold-striped block (Pocket) 10 x depth, per block
500 per block
Gold-striped block (Chest) 10 x depth, per block
2,000 per block

Trivia Edit

  • In the mobile version, the score bar was redesigned in early 2017.
    • Again, the first version of the score bar has returned in the version of 27 October 2017.
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