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Score level, also commonly known as target score level or, rarely as moves & score level, is the first of the four types of levels found in Diamond Digger Saga, along with toy level, firefly level, and totem level. Score levels first appear in the first episode, Diamond Dale and the first score level is level 1.

Unlike Candy Crush Saga, score levels become rarer over time, but they do not disappear completely.

There are currently (including Episode 114) 466 score levels (24.02% of all levels).

Generally, compared to firefly levels and toy levels, score levels are the easiest. However, there are many exceptions, including the infamous level 42 and level 150.

Here's a complete list of all score levels that currently exist in the game.

Objective Edit

To win a score level, the player has to get a certain number of points within a certain number of moves. When the player has reached the required score (for one star), remaining moves are converted to 2,000 points each.

Notable score levels Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Early score levels are much easier than the later ones.
  • There isn't a cinematic introduction in the first level but in the second score level, unlike toy, firefly, totem levels.

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