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    IP block should not be infinite because most IP address are dynamical. One time, I got a collateral block because my IP has been reassignated to the blocked IP address.

    For information, 2001:8003:4EDB:E200:0:0:0:0/64 has made cross-wiki vandalism on Fandom.

    See the help page on wikipedia (English):

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    • I did not have time to think about what might be a reasonable block time, so I set it to infinite, but with the idea to reconsider later (what you already did). My aim was to remove the inappropriate contents (also a dozen obscene messages on your and my message walls) as quickly as possible.

      I see that you tried adding VSTF logic, but I think there is an extra 'MediaWiki:' in the added code. (Quote: "Names should not contain the MediaWiki namespace prefix.") Can you verify whether this works as intended?

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    • Thank you for notifying me.

      The script did not worked before removing "MediaWiki;". I edited MediaWiki:ImportJS and now It works.

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