• For levels beyond 370, I've uploaded the pictures onto this wikia up to 390. I may edit them eventually once I got the time again to do so, but in the meantime, these pages are already available for them, so there won't be needs for uploading pictures of them. I'm currently on Level 392 and will soon working on the pages and pictures for them.

    I'm glad you are returning to help out on Diamon Digger Saga Wiki again!

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    • At least, I can prepare pages for worlds the same as for Alien Adventure.Moreover, according to youtube videos, I can prepare pages for levels.

      DD is a great game and this wikia will be great as well.

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    • Thanks for your help!

      Last week I noticed there are way too many levels that looks entirely different than the ones shown in the map, and they need to be updated.

      There is a tracking template called Template:Updated temporarily for recording down which levels are recently checked. If a level has been recently checked by you and are completely the same as the page displays, you can record down with |Level xxx = Feb25 for levels that are checked between Feb 25 ~ Mar 3. If a level is different, just change the page completely into the new version. If the change is too complicated or there are not a lot of time to do so, simply mark it as "Bad" and I'll immediately take a look on it.

      I finished checking Levels 1 ~ 25 and will move on to the next few episodes.

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    • I try my best to catch up to the latest release.I am now at the beginning of Trick or Treat.I continue adding infos for Sweet Crazy Craving.I may be at Alien Adventure next weeb.At this time, I will be more efficient.

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