Totems are special items in Diamond Digger Sagathat appear only on totem levels.

First appearance:  Level 71 (World 6, Totem Terrace).

A totem can fall without water, and when there are no blocks below the totem. Every bunch of totems is bound to a special lock - Totem Lock - which can only be unlocked once all totems fall to their bases.

There are two types of totems:

  • Stone Totems
  • Golden Totems

There's not much difference between them. Golden ones appear only on last boards of Totem levels, and stone ones appear on any boards which are not last ones for a certain level. There's no other difference, their functionality and purpose are the same. Because of this, a lot of players experience that, on last boards of Totem levels, totems still appear like stone totems, instead of golden ones.

Stone Totem Golden Totem
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