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Totem level is the fourth and last of the level types in Diamond Digger Saga, along with score level, firefly level, and toy level. Totem levels first appear in Totem Terrace, the sixth episode, with first level being level 71.

There are currently (including Episode 96) 408 totem levels (24.43% of all levels).

Totem levels are a pretty common level type, but as they appear first in sixth episode, there are fewest totem levels. It can possibly be considered as a hard level type, although there are many exceptions to that rule.

In comparison with Candy Crush Saga, it's pretty similar level type to ingredients levels.  

See the full list of totem levels here.

Objective Edit

  • The objective to completing any totem levels is to bring down the required amount of totems and score at least one star in a limited amount of moves. If moves remain when the enough totems have been brought down, each move will be converted to 2,000 points.

Notable totem levels Edit

Trivia Edit

All level types, including this one, can be technically considered a score level. Since the player must obtain at least 1 star, there is a score requirement. However, score requirement is usually very small, and therefore it is very easy to obtain.

Glitch Edit

  • Some totem levels have a glitch, where the game doesn't register the last totem dropped with the last move giving the "Out of moves" message instead. (No longer available)
  • Sometimes, gem stones does not slide under totems after bringing totems half-way down.

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