Toy is one of the special items in Diamond Digger Saga, that appear only on toy levels (27px-Toys levels).

First appearance: Level 12 (Episode 2, Amber Alley).

The objective of the toy level is to collect the required amount of toys. That amount does not have to be the exact number of all the toys on the level. Moreover, it's usually so. For example, level 24 requires you to collect 30 toys to pass the level, whereas there's a total of 40 toys on the level. However, the amount of required and total toys can also be the same, which makes a level more difficult (example: level 64)

Toys can be ducks, submarines and octopuses. There's no difference between them.

How to collect toys (click on the image):

Collecting Toys

Two ducks and a submarine showing up in its debut level, level 12.

Toy on ground block Toy on mud block Toy on lava block Toy on broken stone Toy on stone
Blue Ground Block
Blue Thin Porous Block
Thick mud toy
Blue Lava Block


Blue Lava Block new


Blue Broken Stone Block
Blue Stone Block

Ever since level 191, toys don't have to pre-positioned on levels' boards. They can also be blocked in water toy blocks (Watertoyblock) and are released by three hits next to the block.

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