Hello everyone. This may be the only blog in 2017, but this starts with:

  • Are any of you here in this wiki? If so, please help me revive this "dead" wiki. I need help renewing the difficulties of the levels here.
  • There are more blank levels. Please help them with descriptions.
  • Any interest of playing? I'm still at the 100s.

You still have to follow the rules in this wiki though.

This is quite deserted, there haven't been activities for months, and this seems like its almost vanished! Please help me revive this. I sometimes lost any interest in this game. Sometimes, there haven't been an activity for months, years or even decades!

There is a low chance of revival here. But I will give you credit if you edit here, as long as it is on the rules.

I mostly can't do anything because I'm not a bureaucrat, an admin, a rollback or even a ranking.

Until then,

Carlsaga07 12:50, December 13, 2017 (UTC)Carlsaga07

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